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We Handle Your Projects

We put together both partners and company owners in each community to build a productive and interactive environment. Simple and effective communication and alignment of tasks and obligations is essential to the progress of any initiative and the elimination of risks and costs. Scale, schedule, preparation, and risk control are part of the competencies of each project manager. 

Projects that we carry out with and for you have clearly defined procedures and market guidelines that enable us to assess the efficiency, success, and output of the project. Managing and coping with challenges allows one a clear way to recognize and address any improvements or issues that may occur.
We manage projects with full client responsibility and devote our experience to ensure productive collaborations across various ventures. Throughout the project’s existence, our research strives to accomplish the goals set out in the project charter or other project initiation papers.


Regulation of Payments and Deductions

ABS can keep and manage incentives, taxes, arrears, savings, and guarantees for the staff.

Statistics of the Provident Fund

We do have unique opportunities and, where necessary, prepare tax documents for submission to IRAS.

Allowances and Deductions Management​

We will help you control and maintain track of your employees' details and activities.

Reports Preparation​

We prepare specific papers for the supervision of the general directors. They also help the planning of weekly payroll and central reports

Tracking Salary Rises

We 're trying to adjust the specifics of the workers' salary rises. They will adjust the changes related to pay raises that have arisen.

Calculating Variables​

We will help you decide the monthly wages, change hours, and fees owed to your workers.

Payroll Care

We may pass your payroll to the United Arab Emirates by calculating your employees ' wages accurately on a monthly or weekly basis. The whole process includes salary checks, providing for payslips, and deductions of relevant reports for employees.


Enhancing an Existing Project Management Agency

Project Management Firms are continually under pressure to bring value to their companies. Projects need to be produced quicker and easier to satisfy consumer demands. The business wants greater transparency and strives to optimize client investments through the project management agency. We ‘re trying to help bring the company up to the challenge.

To move your project to the next level, ABS Global Experts FZCO must first assess and review the Project Management Agency’s existing structure and give specific advice to improve it. We can create a transformational roadmap, define gaps areas, and establish a service action strategy in collaboration with you.

Popular fields of emphasis for this form of transformation may involve increased awareness, evaluation of PM ability, utilization of portfolio resources, project and operating job demand management, and promoting organizational progress.
Project management companies delivering this quality of support work from a senior management viewpoint on business problems and foster systemic improvement.

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